What to Put in Self-Storage, What to Leave Out

classic citroen car

It’s important to remember the few items that

don’t do well in a self storage unit. After all, the safety of your belongings and those of others

at our facility is paramount. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experienced

storage consultants for not only guidance on what you can keep, but advice in finding an

alternative location for any materials that aren’t suitable for All Canadian Self Storage.

Vehicles and Extra Tires: Many consumers choose to store an extra car or truck in a self

storage unit. Clean, dry and protected from the elements, it’s a great way to preserve a costly

investment or collectible. Nevertheless, we recommend ensuring your vehicle remains in

operable condition at all times, with no leaks or other issues that make it un-driveable. Also,

check with us before storing tires. The cost of their removal can be prohibitive, and for our

protection and yours we have limits on what you can safely store.

Flammable liquids, hazardous chemicals, toxic substances: For obvious reasons, we don’t

allow storage of ammunition, fireworks, explosives, fertilizer, paint, cleaning fluids, motor oil,

corrosive materials, acids, propane, or gasoline in our storage facilities. As the trusted leader

in self storage for the Toronto area, we’re committed to keeping the personal property of our

customers safe over the long haul. Therefore, we rigorously enforce these restrictions for our

units. If it’s dangerous, it doesn’t belong with us. It’s that simple. After all, your peace of mind is

our business, and our promise to you throughout the year.


published: 3 November 2014