Ways to Tackle Your Physical Clutter

Messy Home

During this time of uncertainty, you may find yourself spending a lot more time at home than you usually do. You can take this as an opportunity to tackle your physical clutter and spend some of your days tidying up your home. In our last blog post, we talked about ways to minimize your mental clutter, so now it is time to tackle your physical clutter next. When you get rid of your physical clutter this can help put your mind at ease and reduce some of your mental clutter as well. It is no surprise that when you get to declutter your surroundings you will feel less of the stress on your shoulders.

If you are thinking about embarking on this journey to living a more minimalistic and clutter-free lifestyle you should think about why you are working towards this. This will help you determine what rooms in your home you want to tackle, how you want to approach every day moving forward, and how much or how little of the things you own you want to get rid of. 

Room by Room

Once you have established your reason for decluttering your space, you can begin by tackling each room one at a time. You can start small and go through your hallway closet or a bigger project such as your bedroom. The beauty of decluttering is that it is your own space, so you get to decide what you want to start with. Make sure you make a list of every space you want to declutter, so you do not miss a spot. This can also help you tackle one space, project, or room at a time without leaving your home a complete mess.

Your Own Pace

Start by going at your own pace whether that is choosing to get rid of one item a day or ten items a day! You are in control of how much or how little you want to get rid of. It all depends on how many of your belongings you intend to either keep, donate, or throw away. You should make a “decluttering schedule” to help you organize your time and energy throughout the next few days or upcoming weeks. Decluttering is not an easy project, but when you set aside a specific amount of time for a specific task you will be in a much better position to achieve it. For example, if you know your hallway closet is going to take a much longer time to tackle than your kitchen schedule in more time to accomplish that. Ask your family for help if you need it!

Change Your Daily Habits

Habits are how you live your daily life and your surroundings get caught in the middle of it. The first step to take to help change your daily habits is having a place for all of your belongings. After you are done using something always put it back in the same place right after. This will help avoid having to put it back in its place later on. If you do not have plenty of time on your hands to do the decluttering process all at once, then try donating or throwing away a few items every day. When you create daily habits such as these it makes cleaning your home a whole lot easier.

To Keep or Throw Away

A big part of decluttering is to decide whether you want to keep something, throw it away, or donate it. You should have three piles or bags, so you can better organize your belongings. If your goal is to become a minimalist and live a more minimalist lifestyle then take a more aggressive approach when deciding what to throw away and what to keep. Another tip would be not to make any non-essential purchases that will help you avoid the clutter from keep piling up in the future.

Can’t decide to keep or throw something away? That is what we do here at XYZ Storage, we want to help you through your decluttering process so that you can make room for the big things happening in your life. We know you are going through a life change and we want to help you any way we can. Happy decluttering from all of us at XYZ Storage.


published: 3 April 2020