Ten Tips for Loading your Storage Container

  1. Please do not overload your container. Each container can hold no more than 2000 pounds. Any heavier and our drivers cannot safely pick up the container.
  2. Balance your load by evenly distributing items such as appliances & heavy furniture in both the rear & also the front of the Container
  3. Pack heavier items on the bottom so they create a “base” for lighter and more fragile items on top.
  4. Fill spaces between the legs of tables and chairs & other such spaces with your smaller items to maximize space.
  5. If the container is not full, pack items at roughly the same height throughout, rather than having some areas packed much higher than others.
  6. Ensure all boxes are tightly packed and taped. Use smaller boxes for heavy items, such as books and larger boxes for lighter items, such as lamp shades, etc.
  7. Use blankets, beach towels, pillows or moving pads to protect furniture and electronics from scratches.
  8. Take advantage of the space in drawers for packing small or light items like photos, frames, small electronics etc.
  9. Whenever possible invert one chair upside down on top of another chair and use the space between the chair legs for smaller items.
  10.  Whenever possible take the legs off tables as this will protect the table and also create more space.



published: 17 April 2015