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On-campus accommodation seems to make life more comfortable until you start struggling with a lack of storage. Living in a cluttered room can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have much space to work with. Clutter can eat up the already strained area in your small college hostel or dorm.

When you don’t have enough space in your room, XYZ Storage is here to help you keep your room organized. We offer quality storage boxes to help you pack your items in an organized way. Whether you want to pack in preparation for the summer move or just need to clear up the excess belongings in your space, we have a solution for you.

Our dedicated staff will deliver a student storage unit to your campus that you will simply load, lock, and hand to us for safekeeping. You don’t have to break your back with heavy lifting or disposing of essential items when closing school for summer.

Why Choose XYZ Student Storage?

We don’t shy from expressing our strengths as the number one reviewed self-storage company in Canada. Our company boasts of experienced and industry proven experts. We understand all the storage needs that college students face and are always willing to help.

Some of the things that make our services the best include:

Quality Storage Boxes

In collaboration with our sister company Boxes Toronto, we have managed to offer some of the top-quality student storage boxes and units.

These include:

  • Mirror boxes and picture frames
  • Flat-screen TV boxes
  • Furniture wrap
  • Nine sizes of storage boxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap

Endorsed By College Administrators

Most colleges entrust XYZ Storage within and around Toronto as the number one service provider. We collaborate with school administrators to ensure students who need extra storage get adequate assistance. In partnership with college administrators, we share the same goal of making dorm moving and organization easier for parents and students.

Climate-Controlled Units

Our storage units are climate controlled to safeguard your items against all conditions. We always commit to protecting student belongings, such as electronics, documents, furniture, clothes, or equipment. When you rent our units, you will receive your items in great condition when school opens.

Pay Only For The Time Used

At XYZ Storage, we understand the financial needs of parents and college students. When you use our services, you pay for the duration of using our storage units. This means a lesser cost if you want to use our services for the holiday season. We also offer storage boxes at very competitive rates for all students.

Top-Notch Security

You can rest assured your items are in good hands whenever you use our services. We provide advanced security for every item placed under our care. No matter how delicate or confidential your items are, we promise to care for them in the best way possible.

24/7 Access

When you entrust your items to XYZ Storage, we work hard to ensure you access them whenever the need arises. Our staff is always ready to deliver your belongings within the shortest time possible. You can always use our drive-through facility to pick an item from our store.

What is the Ideal Storage Unit for a College Student?

College students don’t typically need storage units as big as a garage. However, XYZ Storage provides spacious units that accommodate anything a student would use in a hostel or dorm.

No matter the size of your belongings, we have a variety of units to fit every need. All our storage units are climate-controlled to ensure your belongings remain safe and secure for long. We have two sizes that are ideal for students:

  • 5*5 unit – This acts as a large closet and is ideal for single students who don’t have massive furniture to store. The 5*5 unit can fit a lot of things than you would imagine.
  • 5*10 unit – This can accommodate larger furniture than the 5*5 unit. You can store a chair, sofa, and all other belongings. The 5*10 unit is a better option for students who are living in an apartment or those who live with other roommates.

Reserve a Unit Today!

Make your summer preparations or college accommodation trouble-free by contacting XYZ Storage today. You can reach us at 1-866-310-1999 for immediate assistance.

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published: 19 April 2020