Our Top 5 Favourite Home Storage Solutions

Home Storage Solutions

Our lives are filled with long hours at work, and tonnes of chores; usually whatever time we have left we try to spend it with friends and family. With the added stress of everyday life, the least we can do is minimize the clutter around us and in our homes. We gathered our top 5 favourite home storage solutions to share with you.

1. Kitchen: Clear Jars With Labels

Dreaming of that aesthetically pleasing kitchen? One way to get your cooking ingredients and other foods organized is to place them in clear jars and label them. For example, you can put all of your baking ingredients in clear jars, so that they are easily visible in your cabinets. This also goes for all the delicious snacks you can store in there as well including pretzels, cookies, chocolate, and candy. For more tips on how to store away your kitchen belongings check out our blog post: How to Organize Your Kitchen and Store KitchenwareWith the new “normal” of working from home and the possibility of school being online, it may be helpful to have your child’s snacks

 as well to avoid interruptions throughout the day.

2. Bedroom: Under the Bed

Space can be extremely valuable especially for those of you who lack storage space, to begin with. If you have a tiny bedroom, you have to take advantage of all the space available including under the bed. No space left in the closet or dresser? Take a bunch of large storage containers to store extra blankets, jackets, or any seasonal clothes. These can be easily stored under the bed whenever you need them. However, if you have no room under your bed think about mounting shelving units to store any of your extra bedroom belongings.

3. Living Room: Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture with multiple purposes or functions is the best! You are paying for one piece of furniture that could serve multiple purposes for you in your everyday life. A classic example of this is having an ottoman to stick your feet on top of while you watch movies, but also a great place to store or hide away any of your belongings. If you can purchase furniture that fits your aesthetic, but also serves a multifunctional purpose, then we are all for it! Another example would be having a coffee table that has tonnes of storage space below to store magazines and books.

4. Bathroom: Baskets & Containers

You can never go wrong with a few baskets and containers! They are perfect for storing towels, make-up, cotton swabs, cleaning supplies. They also do a great job of keeping everything organized throughout your day to day use of the bathroom. 

5. Basement and Garage: Shelving Units on the Wall

Are you running out of space on the ground to stack boxes in your garage or your basement? Look at how much wall space you may have. If you are into DIY-ing you can do a little DIY and create shelving units on the wall for your belongings. This way you can stack more containers and boxes on top of these shelves and hopefully, it will help you keep a lot of your belongings more organized than ever before. This can be a great way to store your tools, seasonal decorations, and other equipment. 

Need Extra Storage Space?

If you are looking for more storage solutions beyond your home, that is exactly what we at XYZ Storage do! We know your life is big, and we are here to help you make space for all the belongings that you no longer have space for in your home. Think about using mobile storage or self-storage to meet your storage needs. Please feel free to reach out to one of our storage facilities to learn more from our storage experts about how we can customize your storage solution. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you found at least one of these home storage solutions helpful!


published: 4 September 2020