secure shredding and media destruction

We offer professional shredding services for any personal and commercial purposes and operated with locked containers supplied by Shred-it. This service can be used either on-site at our Downtown Toronto facility or organized in advance.

To make the shredding services fit your needs it can be a one-time experience or regularly scheduled. We here at XYZ Storage make it a goal to meet all of your needs and will do so by creating and designing a customized program. In addition to how much we value our customers, we also value the environment, so all destroyed papers are 100% securely recycled to reduce our environmental impact.

At XYZ Storage we provide more than our secure shredding services, we also help with your electronic document hard drive and media destruction needs. Our top priority is keeping your personal, business, family, and customer information safe from identity theft and fraud. When you choose our service, you’ll be partnering with a trusted and award-winning service.

There is a monthly program where many professional users take advantage of where they dispose of any unwanted materials once they passed a certain benchmark of one-, five-, or seven years. If you have larger shredding needs we provide larger shredding programs as well. With those, we can organize movers to empty lockers and help move any documents to the shredding bins. For more information, please contact our Storage Managers at the Downtown Toronto location.

how it works

shredding illustration

step 1

Bring your documents and hard drive to one of our XYZ Storage Location.

shredding illustration

step 2

We collect your confidential information, and securely destroy it.

shredding illustration

step 3

All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. All destroyed paper is 100% securely recycled.


Ask your XYZ Self Storage location about regular shredding programs and discounts!

document shredding

$13.99 per Banker Box load

$9.99 per box load for 10-25 boxes

$5.99 per box load for 26+ boxes

hard drive and media destruction

$38.99 per Banker Box load of media (CDs, tapes, USB)

$24.99 per hard drive destruction

shredding inquiry