How to Create Space When Working From Home

create space when working from home

Space has never seemed so valuable until you are spending the majority of your time at home whether it is alone or with multiple members. As working from home is becoming the new “normal” for a lot of us your temporary makeshift workspace might not be cutting it anymore for you. Maybe your company is shifting towards a longer work from home situation that you were not prepared for. This can be a challenge especially for those of us that share a tiny 500 square foot condo in Downtown Toronto with a roommate(s), a significant other, and/or child. The real question is how can you make the best of the situation? Here is what we suggest:

Create Boundaries

Wherever and whenever possible it helps to create boundaries between you and other members of your household, especially during working hours. You should let them know what your plan is for working at home. This could include when you have important meetings or a huge project you need to complete with a tight deadline where you cannot afford to have any distractions. You also want to try and create that separation and balance between your personal and work life. For example, setting clear work hours for yourself, not working in your bedroom, or remembering to take breaks. If you can do some of these in order to create boundaries you put yourself in a much better position to be successful throughout the workday.

Get Creative with Your Space

Struggling to share space in your home with other members of your household? You can try the following:

  1.   Create an office that works for more than one person if you have a spare bedroom or an office space already
  2.   Invest in equipment and furniture that has tonnes of storage so that you are taking advantage of the limited space you may have. For example, mounting shelves on the wall above your workspace or purchasing a desk with a lot of drawers.
  3.   Setup your dining room table to be a shared workstation/boardroom setup
  4.   Take a walk during your work call if it is too noisy at home

Use Storage as an Extension of Your Home

If none of the options above work for you then you can always put some of your belongings in storage temporarily while you work from home during this time. By putting some of your belongings into storage you can take advantage of the extra space and use it to make working from home a little less overwhelming for yourself. Therefore, take a few or several days to declutter your home and figure out if any of it can be thrown away, given away, or stored temporarily. This will allow you to take advantage of having more space in your home whether it is to create an improved workspace or to stop using your kitchen table to stack piles of your work on. 

We understand that your life is big, and you need to make space for it so if and when you need it our self-storage solutions are available to fit your customizable needs. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we wish you the best of luck working from home and hope you are able to stay productive during this time. We also hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe!

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published: 5 June 2020