What size storage locker do I need?

How much self storage space you need really depends on what it is you’re going to be storing. There is no set answer. We would advise to first call one of our 5 facilities or our 1-866-310-1999. We have trained staff that can advise you what size storage locker you may need. Our compact units are unique in the market – they are four feet wide, three feet deep, and four feet high. They are very, very popular with a lot of people.

Think about the largest pieces of furniture that you have and then go from there. So, if you have a queen-size bed or a full dining room set with a hutch, you’re going to need a large space because those items, although they can stack, aren’t able to store conveniently. Where as if you are just putting boxes in, you can get away with a smaller space because it is much more efficient use of your cubic space.

We can ensure that you are not getting something too small or too large.