5 Ideas for an Empty Room

ideas for empty room

Did you just move into a new home and are wondering what to do with one of the extra rooms? Are you looking to clear out and renovate the basement, but aren’t sure what to do with it just yet? Maybe your child has moved out temporarily for school and you are wondering what to do with their bedroom while they are gone for the next four years. We at XYZ Storage want to help you with this predicament you are having so, we came up with 5 ideas on what to do with an empty room or space.

1. Guest Room

This is usually one of the go-to ideas when it comes to deciding what to do with that extra bedroom upstairs. Whether you regularly have guests that come over or not, it is always a good idea to have a spare bedroom already made. You never know when your parents or friends might call and arrive at a moment’s notice. This way at least you’ll be prepared. Time to say goodbye to rushing to put a bed together with clean sheets or to throwing sheets on the couch for them to sleep on for the weekend.

2. Home Office

Do you find yourself working from home a lot lately, but no designated place in your house to work? It must be a hassle to keep on using your kitchen or dining room table as your desk. So, why not turn that extra bedroom into your home office? You will have a dedicated space at home to keep your files, work on that report for your boss, or just to do your daily work. This is your personal space in which you can make your own. You can head to the store and buy a desk, shelf, filing cabinet, and any other necessities you think you’ll need to personalize your home office.

3. Home Gym

If you’re into fitness we’re sure the thought has crossed your mind about turning that extra room in your house into a home gym. This is a great idea for those of you that are into fitness or are thinking about getting into it. It’s convenient and a time-saver from heading to the gym whether it is once a week or five times a week. This room can be as simple as having a yoga mat on the floor for you to destress and meditate or as complicated as having a bunch of fitness machines in the room.

4. Home Theatre

Are you big fan of movies and entertainment? Imagine yourself watching some of your favourite Netflix shows on a huge projector sitting in a room filled with reclining chairs. Your friends and family will always be excited to head over to your place to spend a Friday or Saturday night watching the latest movies. Save the time and energy from going to the movie theatre and watch those movies from the comfort of your home.

5. Game Room

If movies are not your thing, how about games? You can have a room filled with activities including an air hockey table, a ping pong table, or even a pool table. With a surround sound room, your friends and family can join you and enjoy the space as well. You can also fill the room with cool décor. This is your chance to get creative with the space. You can also think about having a theme and basing the colour scheme and furniture off of that.

Need Storage?

For those of you that had a child move out recently and want to clear out a room so that you can start fresh think about storing your child’s belongings with us at one of our XYZ Storage facilities. We have customizable self-storage solutions that will fit your needs. Take a look at our mobile storage solution for increased convenience. We understand that your life is big, and we want to help you make space for it whether it is making space for that new home office or that fun home theatre in the basement.


published: 4 October 2019